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Watercolour Pencil Set Urban Nomad - 12 pieces



Add a new depth to your pictures. Recreate the city’s subtlest undertones with Moleskine Urban Nomad Watercolour Pencils. From the retro velvet of Dusty Purple, to the sweet haze of Honey Yellow, each muted shade has been chosen to add layers of meaning to your artwork.

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  • 12 watercolour pencils by Moleskine
  • 3mm tip
  • Made from natural cedar
  • Distinctive rectangular shape
  • Metal Box

. 1 Dusk Lilac – between adventures
. 2 Street Sign Orange – art work ahead
. 3 Brick Brown – built-in heat
. 4 Dusty Purple – retro velvet
. 5 Spring Green – fresh starts here
. 6 Bench Green – pause for thought
. 7 Honey Yellow – sweet haze
. 8 Swirl Grey – enveloping mist
. 9 Rust Yellow – worn but warm
. 10 Moss Green – in the cracks
. 11 Compass Rose – find direction
. 12 Dive Turquoise – just leap in

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